Terms of Service

Terms of Use

License that governs the legal relationship between you (“User”) and CityPark or its representative (“CityPark”) in connection with the use of application (“Application”)

After installing the application you are subject to the following terms of use (“license”) If you do not agree to the terms of use, you must stop any application using your device and remove it immediately.

CityPark may alter the license at any time and without notice, and this change will require the user for all purposes from the moment.


Terms of the license, you are hereby granted a limited license to use, non-exclusive, temporary, non-transferable personal use – only private application. For this purpose, you may install a one-time application on your iPhone and your PC as a backup only.

Use application is in accordance with B”aodot “and the license conditions, as updated by CityPark periodically.

Use application, in whole and / or in part, is for personal use – only details. Any action and / or other use, including, among others, commercial use, distribution, copying, modifying, renting, reverse engineer, create derivatives and translation are strictly prohibited. All non-conforming use is strictly prohibited. If you are debating whether it is used beyond, please contact the email address support@cityparkmobile.com LCityPark To remove all doubt.


The use of personal information contained application (“Information”) is at your own risk and it does not impose liability on CityPark connection with any injury and / or damage and / or loss of user and / or property, including an injury that caused death.

It should be noted, despite the efforts and attempts to provide updated information as possible within the constraints of security and / or geographical and / or economic, the information is as of the date of writing and therefore might be inaccurate or outdated, and CityPark not responsible for damage that may result from the user and / or property resulting .

If the application contains the location detection services such as gas stations, restaurants, cafes, and more, these figures correct as of preparation only. CityPark not responsible for changes and / or accuracy of information regarding third party services, they are provided as a service user and any responsibility for the quality and / or the presence of services is provided by service providers.

Application content

Application information is presented as is (as is) and can be edited and adapted for each user separately.

The application may contain content uploaded by users and / or any third party, such as recommendations, ratings and more. Because there is no option CityPark test and verify all information and / or material received by external factors, it is hereby clarified that no such case applied CityPark liability in connection with the use of this information.

CityPark not be liable for any direct or indirect, financial or otherwise, caused to the user from the use and / or reliance on the information. It is clarified that the contents of the application was made by subjective judgment, the recommendations should not be presented in an application, such as display, all binding.
Intellectual Property

All copyrights and intellectual property application and information therein, the contents, as they are, the source code, design and editing, as well as any updates, changes and amendments thereto, are the exclusive property of CityPark and are protected by copyright and international treaties regarding copyright.

User statements

If a user rank and / or review sites, the user agrees that the rating will be done in good faith, based on personal opinion and without the influence of extraneous considerations or commercial interests of any kind and that all information to be issued will be accurate, reliable and useful.

The user hereby express permission to publish the contents LCityPark without publication of his name, and consent to LCityPark license worldwide, irrevocable, not limited in time, non-exclusive, free of charge, to use the Content will cost application, copy, display, distribute, sell copies and prepare derivative works of them and empower others or license others to do any of the activities of that nature, in any media electronic or printed format.

To remove all doubt, CityPark may edit the content, shorten, and reject them completely without any need for explanation or reasoning, and User shall have no claim and / or requirement in this regard.

The user agrees to indemnify the CityPark for any expense and / or damage they may be, because of a claim and / or demand directed towards her by a third party for breach of the said provisions of the license conditions, and / or of any other right belonging to any third party.


If allowed to download (Downloading (software, accessories, information, files, maps and more using the app, download do at your own risk and CityPark shall not be liable for any damage that may occur to hardware and / or software of the user and the information contained in them as download should.

Protection of Privacy

By using the application, you agree that the information provided by you, including, inter alia, the location of your iPhone, will be stored in the CityPark and it will be used for uses permitted under the license conditions and / or the law.

CityPark not transfer personal information to third parties and / or information identifying the user except in the following cases:

Required for application use;
CityPark received that consent in advance and in writing;
CityPark required to do so by court order;
Any dispute and / or demand and / or claims and / or legal proceedings as they arise, between CityPark and the user;
In the event that you violate the terms of use and / or provisions of any law;
In any case where CityPark be of the opinion that sharing information is necessary to prevent grave damage to the user or third party body and / or to prevent serious damage to the user to purchase and / or purchase a third party.

CityPark manages and implements systems and procedures for information security that reduce the risk of unauthorized entry into its servers. But for the avoidance of doubt it is hereby clarified that CityPark can not guarantee that the application is completely immune from unauthorized access to information stored in it.

Responsibility and Liability

CityPark is not responsible for and does not guarantee that unauthorized body does not get access to information which was provided by the user and / or put his hand on this information. Any user assumes full responsibility and risk relating to use application.

CityPark and / or its representatives, including employees, officers and / or its data providers is liable in any way, explicitly or implicitly, for application and / or information obtained through third parties, suitability for the user, reliability and / or the accuracy and / or usable and / or use of that information and / or contents of the application.

CityPark does not guarantee the user the availability and / or proper application and / or access information in an application at any time or that, when you use will cause interference or failures in making data application either because CityPark and whether because of a third party, including malfunctions and / or interference on the Internet and transfer data by radio.

You may find the information and content presented application do not correspond to your needs, or you object to their content, or consider them aggravating, annoying, improper, illegal, or immoral. In this case face Informing the CityPark about it. It is clarified that CityPark work each case individually and in its sole discretion.

CityPark encourages the user to be considered very carefully and critically to information published application. As far as professional information, this information should be treated cautiously and carefully and remember that such information is not a substitute for consultation with the appropriate professionals.

The user agrees to indemnify the CityPark, employees, officers or its representatives for any damage and / or loss and / or expense incurred by them, including attorney’s fees and court costs, for breach of license terms.

Changes in application and termination of Service

CityPark may change and / or update, add to or detract from the application or the information therein. CityPark may remove and / or limit the use of an application for a limited period or permanently in its sole discretion and without notice.

Content source application is a Web-based remote services coming from CityPark online. License that governs the legal relationship between you (“User”) and CityPark / or its representative (“CityPark”) in connection with the use of application (“Application”)

After installing the application you are subject to the following terms of use (“License Terms”) If you do not agree to the terms of use, you must stop any application using your device and remove it immediately.

CityPark may alter the license at any time and without notice, and this change will require the user for all purposes from the moment.


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