Android guide

1. Registration on fist activation through app. 2. After registration, app always opens on map.If map is not centered on current location, select “My Location” on menu.
3. Map can be moved to any area. Tel-Aviv view example shown here.Click on map to zoom.Parking lots – balloons

  • Balloon figure – first hour price
  • Green – free spots
  • Red – full
  • Grey – no info

On street

  • Green spots – free parking spot
    (shown for 2 minutes)

Streets colors – availability prediction

4. Parking lots list is available through menu.
5. Parking lot detailed info can be viewed by touching it on map or list. 6. When you park, select park in menu.Why?Car location and time limit reminder. (more later)What else? enable the system to provide help in on street parking. (more later)
7. When selecting “Park”, reminder screen will let you set time reminder.Reminder is not mandatory, you can just select back to finish. 8. When opening app in parking state, Car location will be flagged.When app is closed via “Exit” car location is preserved.Select “Unpark” to report and help others find it.

What if I don’t report “Unpark”?
The app identifies it automatically and will ask for confirmation.

If not answered confirmation request will disappear after 30 seconds.


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